NAB electric actuators are designed for operation in critical areas of oil and gas, chemical and other industries, including energy facilities, including nuclear power plants, in order to ensure safety in cases of emergency power outage or control systems.
Also, these actuators can be used for the purpose of the envisaged rearrangement of the gate part of the pipeline fittings into a safe normally-open “NO” or normally-closed “NC” position, upon a task signal, when it is dictated by the technological process.
An invaluable advantage of these drives is the ability to control shut-off and control pipeline valves, where, along with low speeds when positioning the elements of the shutter parts, for correct regulation, high speeds are required for the shut-off function.
They are successfully operated in potentially explosive areas, which is ensured by design solutions in accordance with the requirements established by regulatory documents. The supplied equipment supports the type of explosion protection “Explosion-proof enclosure”, which implies that the design of the electric drive as a whole, withstands the explosion pressure inside it and prevents the spread of the explosion from the enclosure into the surrounding explosive atmosphere, and the components of the electric drive have the type of as a result of switching and operation, electrical discharges or heating cannot ignite an explosive atmosphere under current operating conditions.

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