At the request of the customer, SCHIEBEL specialists create drives in non-standard versions.
Below are some examples of how to implement custom solutions when creating custom drives.

Fire resistant drives;
Manual actuators;
Actuators with “Smartcoupling” system.

All special actuators are based on SCHIEBEL standard actuators.

Fire resistant

To ensure the operation of mechanisms important from the point of view of safety in case of fire or fire, the drives can be supplied in a fire-resistant design. According to the specification of the device, the actuator is supplied with a special fireproof cover (cover). Thus, ensuring its functioning for 90 minutes at a temperature of 600 ° C.

Manual control

In the event of a power outage, the servo drives must ensure that the valve can be manually operated. Manual actuator HA16 from Schiebel is intended for connection with a linear pneumatic actuator in order to control the valve stroke (up to 100 mm) with a force up to 110 kN. The manual actuator can be converted for use with actuators equipped with spring-loaded opening and closing mechanisms.

Linear actuators with Smartcoupling function

Linear actuators with the “Smartcoupling” function maintain, within the specified ranges, the pressing force of the counter elements of the throttle assembly of the valve block part, to ensure the necessary tightness, when the dimensions of the structure parts change, due to fluctuations in the operating temperature. The principle of operation is based on taking readings from a sensor that measures the force of pressure on the valve stem. If this value changes, the actuator control unit generates a control signal that moves the rod in the desired direction until the specified force is reached.

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