Electric actuators of this series were created for the purpose of operation on sea, river and underwater transport. When creating this series of electric drives, many factors were taken into account: the possibility of mechanical stress, increased vibration, interaction with a salty liquid and high humidity of the ambient air. In order to preserve
from corrosion, the housings of the actuators of this series are made of bronze, the connecting elements are made of stainless steel.
When designing vehicles, design engineers are always limited in the availability of free space required for the installation of units and assemblies. Drawings and wiring diagrams are created according to the principle of maximum filling of the volume. The designers of SCHIEBEL Antriebstechnik GmbH tried to take this important aspect into account. The indisputable advantages of the MCM series drives are their unique compactness and low weight. MCM drives are three times lighter than standard “brothers”. Traditionally, actuators are available in rotary and linear thrust designs. Therefore, the range of application of this series of electric drives is very wide. Fuel, drainage, fire-fighting and other systems of ships are designed using them. When creating the MSM series, the requirements were taken into account
standards regulating the stability of components and assemblies used in the fleet to shock and vibration loads. Special attention of the designers is paid to ensuring explosion safety. The drive housing is designed to withstand the explosion pressure within the enclosure and prevent the explosion from spreading outside of the enclosure. The elements of the electric drive used in the power supply and control circuits correspond to the class “Intrinsically safe electrical circuit” and do not allow the ignition of an explosive atmosphere from an accidental spark or heating of the elements. According to the international standard IEC 62114, the insulation class of electric motors used in the assembly of drives of this series corresponds to the indicator
“F” and allows operation of the motor at winding temperatures up to 155 ° C. Production tests have confirmed the impossibility of igniting explosive atmospheres due to
heating of drive parts. Actuators of the MCM series, like other models of the SCHIEBEL brand, are produced in the ACTUSAFE versions, equipped with the function of transferring the valve to a safe normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) position in case of emergency situations.

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