Heat accumulator



The accumulator for a heat recovery unit is a switchable heat exchanger with two or more static, fixed accumulators for installation in an air handling unit or for intermediate installation in ventilation ducts. Thanks to a system of dampers installed at the inlet and outlet, each storage unit is charged in turn (heated with warm exhaust air), while the other unit is unloaded (cooled with cold fresh outside air). For this, the dampers are switched according to the load.

Areas of use

The accumulator for the heat recovery system is applied,

  • if it is necessary to obtain a high recuperation coefficient,
  • if hygiene requirements are to be observed: The unit can be delivered in accordance with VDI 6022 with easily removable storage tanks, with storage tanks mounted on bearings
  • for heating ventilation in winter,
  • for cooling in summer,
  • to save humidification mode (high heat recovery coefficient – in winter and during the transition period, high humidity recovery coefficient).
  • A secondary heater is not needed.

System Description

Regenerative heat exchanger for installation in air handling units. The storage drum is made of aluminum, the lamellas can be installed at different distances. The capacity is regulated by the cycle time of loading / unloading the storage device. The battery module matches the cross-sectional dimensions of the installation. Appropriate dampers can be used in the plant in accordance with DIN 1946 T.4. The modules slide out easily for cleaning. A condensate bath is not required, the condensate remains on the storage drum and evaporates in the supply stream. Adjustment included in delivery.


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