Air heaters WOLF

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Wall and ceiling air heaters WOLF

Commitment to quality

The compact, extremely quiet and maintenance-free crescent fan provides
reliable and long-lasting performance. The specially shaped steel fan blades ensure extremely low noise levels. The drive is integrated into the fan impeller and is available in 5 different motor versions. Depending on the version, the motors have 2-stage, 5-stage or stepless control. The fatigue life of the fan is more than 100,000 operating hours!

Air release

WD-A air heaters are available with manually adjustable louver guides or automatically adjustable energy saving louvers. When equipped with an outlet cone or energy-saving louvers, WD-A air heaters can be used in rooms with a ceiling height of more than 5 m. For air curtains at the entrance, the unit is equipped with an outlet nozzle.

Automatic blinds adjustment

Energy-saving louvers, powered by the 678 control unit, prevent air drift in cases where there is a high temperature difference between primary air (from WD-A) and secondary air (indoor air). At the throttle position, a “cumulative airflow” is created by mixing indoor air with warm air as it escapes. This serves to increase the temperature evenly throughout the room and save energy. The control unit detects the difference between the desired and actual room temperature and then turns on the damper flap servomotor. On request, the blinds can also be controlled using an expansion cylinder or an open / close button.

Temperature distribution

An even distribution of air also means an even distribution of the temperature in a room. An even room temperature not only increases the comfort factor, but is also often critical in production scenarios, such as maintaining tolerances. Our WD-A air heaters fully meet these requirements: not only with their high-performance fans and a wide range of discharge options, but also by fine-tuning the controls as needed. With our proven WD-A units, both the perceptible temperature fluctuations and the air velocity in the residential area are extremely low. This almost completely eliminates the possibility of dust and bacteria accumulation.

Air recirculation unit WD-U

WD-U (recirculated air units) are also available with 5 different engine versions, but are exclusively designed for recirculated air. They do not have heat exchangers.




Our range of accessories includes wall and ceiling brackets, air ducts, elastic fittings, filter parts, supply and exhaust hoods, and electrical accessories (controls, thermostats, servomotors, etc.).


Up to 19 WD-A air heaters or WD-U air recirculation units can be controlled with one control unit. Depending on the version, the motors are available with 2-stage, 5-stage or infinitely variable control, which allows them to cover a wide range of applications.

The temperature can be adjusted based on room temperature, time, or a combination of time and room temperature conditions.


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