Electric actuators series MCM for marine and river transport



The actuators in this series are divided into two categories depending on the version:

MCM – operating in the “open-close” mode (for shut-off valves);

rMCM – operating in the “regulation” mode (for control valves).

A number of actuators traditionally have a universal ability to combine shut-off and control functions.
Actuators of this series are configured to use certain operating modes – S2 or S4 (see technical data tables).
Valve and actuator connection complies with ISO 5210 (F10), DIN3210 (G0) and OST 26-07-763-73 standards


  • Drive shaft to valve connection F07 (according to ISO 5210);
  • Degree of protection against harmful environmental influences IP68;
  • Control bus connection (Profibus, DeviceNet, Powerlink) Relay board with 4 or 8 outputs;
  • Positioner;
  • PID controller;
  • Additional transformers for separating positioning and feedback signals.


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