Glandless circulation pumps with electronic control.

Technical data

Flow rate up to: 2.7 m3 / h

Head up to: 6 m

Liquid temperature: from + 2 ° С to + 110 ° С

Working pressure: 10 bar

Energy efficiency class: A

Areas of use

Hot water circulation in heating systems. Pumps with a hydraulic part made of stainless steel are used in domestic hot water systems.

Features and Benefits

• AUTOADAPT function, provides automatic adjustment to the system parameters
• Parameter control by proportional pressure
• Control of parameters by constant pressure
• Ability to work on a constant curve (3 speeds)
• Night mode function
• Built-in frequency converter of speed
• Permanent magnet rotor, compact stator
• Power consumption indicator
• Ceramic shaft, radial bearings
• Impeller with composite material

• Version with stainless steel housing
• Version with air separator


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