Complete pumping units for fire extinguishing systems

Technical data

Flow rate up to: 181 m3 / h

Head up to: 160 m

Areas of use

Sprinkler and deluge systems for water fire extinguishing systems with hydrants in residential buildings of various storeys, shops, production and storage facilities, cultural and social facilities

Features and Benefits

• Complete ready-to-connect product consisting of CR pumps, frame, piping and Control MX control cabinet
• Possibility to control a pump jockey
• Ability to control the drain pump
• Possibility to control gate valves with electric drive
• Issuance of unit status / alarm signals to the remote control panel
• Signaling to turn off the pumps of the water supply group
• Availability of ATS


• A ready-to-connect pumping unit containing a pump, a membrane tank and a pressure switch can be used as a jockey pump.
• Hydro MX modifications for sprinkler and deluge foam fire extinguishing systems
• Wall mounting of the control cabinet


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