Single-stage centrifugal pumps with coaxial pipes

Technical data

Flow rate up to: 4600 m3 / h

Head up to: 170 m

Liquid temperature: from 25 ° С to + 150 ° С

Working pressure: 10/16/25 bar

Areas of use

Circulation of liquid in heating systems, air conditioning,
ventilation, industrial installations.
TP (D) pumps can also be used in water supply systems.

Features and Benefits

• Pumps up to 90 kW are equipped with electric motors of the 1st energy efficiency class (Eff1)
• Widest choice of parameters
• Coaxial branch pipes
• Wide range of designs for various operating conditions
• High efficiency
• Corrosion-resistant cataphoretic coating of external and internal surfaces
• Ease of installation


• Version with bronze impeller
• Explosion-proof design


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