Intermediate heating system

Высокоэффективная система с промежуточным теплоносителем для рекуперация тепла с кпд до 90%.



Heat recovery units with a highly efficient intermediate heat transfer system achieve an efficiency of 90% while optimizing the conditions for the working media.

Areas of use

As well as systems with a conventional intermediate heating system, they are suitable for multifunctional use, e.g. in combination with adiabatic cooling, with integrated additional heating for additional cooling, with installed free cooling, integrated cooling system with forced circulation from the chiller, water preheating using the cooling potential and solar energy and waste heat.

System Description

Highly efficient intermediate heating system in accordance with DIN EN 308 with optimum heat transfer selection in accordance with VDI 2071, complies with the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022. Arranged in series registers according to the counterflow principle. Lamella system of heat exchangers with improved geometry (pipe diameter min D16.5) in aluminum design, mounted on a frame. Frame made of steel (galvanized or alloy steel 1.4301), min. sheet thickness 2.0mm, copper / alloy steel manifold; Min. thickness of lamellas from Al / Cu / AlMg – 0.2 mm, from stainless steel – 0.15 mm, from steel and galvanized – 0.34 mm. The heat exchanger lamella system is 100% manufactured in accordance with Directive 97/23 / EC., Module A. The maximum permissible operating pressure is 6 bar. Test pressure 9 Pa.


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