Уплотнение предназначенное для работы с углеводородами возникающими в процессе рафинирования нефти. Было запроектировано согл. требованиям нормы ISO 21049 (API 682 ed.3). Уплотнение EP приспособлено к работе согл. стандартов API 682, конфигурация:
– со стороны внутренней среды согл. схемаам 11, 12,.13, 23, 31 или 32;
– в то время как со стороны атмосферы согл. схемаам 61, 62 или 65.



Single compact metal bellows seal, arbitrary direction of rotation, balanced. Packing to EN ISO 21049 (API 682): Type B, Category 1 (any stuffing box) or 2 (stuffing box dimensions per ISO 13709), System 1, Configuration 1CW-FL.

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A seal designed to work with hydrocarbons arising in the process of oil refining. It was designed acc. the requirements of the ISO 21049 (API 682) standard. EP seal adapted to API 682, configuration:
– from the side of the internal environment
– while from the side of the atmosphere
– a non-sparking carbon throttle ring that blocks the release of volatile substances into the environment, as well as suppresses a potential emergency leak into the safety zone (release system);
– compact design perfectly matches oil seals with small space;
– compact design (cartridge type), providing simple and quick installation without the need to designate setting values;
– very low emission of volatile substances into the environment;
– the seal is delivered as an assembled unit, which eliminates potential errors during installation.


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