Торцовое уплотнения GF рекомендуется использовать в случаях, когда требуется получение продукта особо высокой чистоты, а также когда выделяемое тепло трения приводит к изменению свойств этого продукта. Предназначено для работы со средами токсичными, канцерогенными, взрывоопасными (с потенциальным самовозгоранием), с технологическими газами и т.п. в химической, нефтехимической, фармацевтической, металлургической, коксохимической и в других отраслях промышленности.



Single seal, compact design, balanced, arbitrary direction of rotation, multi-spring. Packing to EN ISO 21049 (API 682): Type A, Category 2 or 3, System 1, Configuration 1CW-FL (floating, carbon gland).

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General purpose mechanical seal used in pumping equipment for liquid hydrocarbons with low density and high pressure levels found in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries. Designed to work with such media as propane-butane, ethanol, acetone, cumene, a group of ethylene hydrocarbons (CnH2n olefins) of high purity without mechanical impurities and contamination by abrasive particles. The BP seal can be successfully applied to pure chemicals and some organic acids as well as heavy hydrocarbons.

– high resistance to deformation caused by high pressure and temperature,
– low emission of volatile substances into the environment,
– low frictional resistance in terms of the optimal shape of the main sealing rings,
– non-sparking, graphite, pressure ring that blocks the release of volatile substances into the environment, for example, with a gas system (nitrogen) according to API 682, as well as a separating emergency leak to a safe area,
– seal connections ensure operation with systems according to API 682


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