Универсальное торцовое уплотнение широкого диапазона использования. Предназначено для работы с горячей и холодной водой, маслами, топливами, малоагрессивными химическими соединениями и другими жидкостями с незначительным содержанием абразивных веществ.



Single seal, balanced. Mounting according to L1k according to EN 12756 (DIN 24960). with an arbitrary direction of rotation. Elastomer bellows are torsion-proof. Central spring.

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Universal mechanical seal for a wide range of applications. Designed to work with hot and cold water, oils, fuels, low-aggressive chemical compounds and other liquids with a low content of abrasive substances.

There is a version A41 adapted to the dimensions for direct insertion at the place of the A1 seal (dimension L3 has the same size for individual dimensions as L3 for A1 seal).


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