Tubular heat exchanger

Трубчатый теплообменник для рекуперации тепла



The heat pipe is a regenerative unit complete with split surfaces. There is no mixing of flows, the supply and exhaust parts of the unit are mounted next to each other. The exhaust stream passes through the bottom of the recuperator tube and heats the refrigerant. The refrigerant evaporates and rises to the cold supply air area. There it condenses and transfers the heat of evaporation to the passing supply air stream. There are two categories:

Standard settings: Efficiency approx. 25% – 35%, pressure losses are 200 Pa and 400 Pa.
Highly efficient heat recovery units: Efficiency is approx. 50% – 75%, pressure losses are 100 Pa and 250 Pa.

Areas of use

Heat pipes are used when:

  • no moisture transfer required,
  • no cold transfer required,
  • contamination of the supply air is not permissible, e.g. hygiene requirements in hospitals,
  • compact size of the unit is required with high air capacity,
  • and at very high temperatures.
  • Heat recovery can be controlled by a bypass.

System Description

Heat recovery based on heat pipes, consisting of individual sealed tubes with pressed-in lamellas. The inlet and outlet are separated by a partition. Complete with summer bypass.

Complete set including assembly of galvanized steel frame in the unit body.

Execution is possible in horizontal or vertical position at choice. The condensate collection tank is made of stainless steel. The condensate drain pipe is installed on the side panel of the unit section. The droplet separator is made of polypropylene.


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