WK-compact PT H

Plug-in energy-efficient ventilation unit for indoor and outdoor installation


Сontinuous performance and highly effective heat recovery…


Plug-in ventilation units in compact design for needs-based ventilation with maximum energy efficiency.

Usage examples

Housing complexes, hotels, schools, restaurants, preschools, sports facilities, conference rooms, showrooms, factories, hardware stores or industrial buildings


  • Highly energy-efficient heat recovery with counterflow heat exchanger for heat recovery coefficients up to 93.5%
  • Energy-saving EC motor technology
  • Software-based control concept
  • Compact design with high-quality workmanship
  • Optionally equipped with Z-line filter or pocket filter
  • Plug & play technology
  • 100% summer bypass
  • 100% recirculating air operation for bypassing the heat exchanger
  • Sophisticated accessories
  • Reliable customer service
  • Also available in weatherproof design
  • Booster circuit for fastest air improvement
  • Optional pump warm water (PWW) or electric register
  • Optional cooling register or direct evaporator
  • optionally ready-to-plug-in with control system



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