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Air heating cassettes ZD-A multi

Hidden heaters

Air heating cassette ZD-A multi 1 and ZD-A multi 2 specifically designed for integration in ceilings evrosetkoy (evrosetkoy false ceiling with 600 x 600 mm). ZD-A multi – perfect and discreet heating in rooms with a high standard of interior design.

Galvanized sheet steel casing. Lid with split ventilation grate (and suction grate for version U) made of electro-galvanized sheet steel, powder-coated in white RAL 9010.


  • Supermarkets
  • Shops
  • Trading halls
  • Trading places
  • Exhibition halls, etc.



  • Operation with clean recirculated air
  • Recirculated air mode with suction through the suction grille (more precise air distribution)
  • Working with clean outdoor air
  • Mixed air mode with roof or wall suction



  • Washable air recirculation filter in U version
  • Connection port for duct accessories on the suction side for option A
  • Two in ZD-A multi-1 or three in ZD-A multi 2, centrifugal fans with double intake, fan casing and impeller made of galvanized sheet steel with integrated three-speed motor with external rotor 230 V, degree of protection IP 44, insulation class F, with thermal overload protector, with built-in running capacitor
  • Heat exchanger with round frame made of galvanized sheet steel, copper tubes with pressed-in aluminum plates, 3/4 “connecting tubes rotatable mounted in the casing wall.
  • Pre-wired motor controls and follower terminals.



Option U

  • for operation with clean recirculated air, with insert, washable filter mat, suction at the bottom,
  • for ceiling mounting, blow-out from below


Option A

  • for recirculation, mixed air and outside air with an accessory opening for the suction duct in the false ceiling, suction from the side,
  • for ceiling mounting, blow-out from below



  • Suspension for the main unit in a false ceiling
  • Suction port details for option A
  • Mixed air unit with G3 baghouse filter, changeover damper, servomotor and limit switches
  • Elastic connection
  • Weather protection
  • Сhannels
  • Transitional parts
  • Wall duct
  • Rain covers, etc.



  • Manual switch 3-stage
  • Room thermostat with manual switch 3-stage
  • Automatic thermostat for automatic three-stage circuit


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