Pumping equipment audit


The company ENERGOTECH ENGINEERING attaches great importance to energy saving and increasing the energy efficiency of pumping equipment. Therefore, one of the activities of our organization is the audit of pumping systems, which allows us to show how to save on operating costs. Our experts check the existing pumping system using special equipment, analyze its operation modes, electricity consumption and draw up a report reflecting the payback period and the economic effect of replacing old equipment.

An audit of pumping systems is used to analyze the energy efficiency of pumping equipment, the potential for energy saving, and calculate the return on investment.

An audit of pumping systems is a check of the efficiency of a pumping system using a hardware-software measuring complex and an original method for analyzing results. An important element of the audit is a mobile measuring complex. It includes electronic measuring equipment and special software that allows you to analyze the measurement results and obtain a pump load profile, which is especially important for the analysis of systems with variable operation. The program generates reports and graphs that clearly demonstrate the economic effect of replacing old equipment with new ones. At the expiration of the return on investment, the savings translate into net profit, year after year.


  • Registration of electrical parameters of a three-phase electric motor of an alternating current pump 380V to 600A;
  • Registration of hydraulic parameters of the pumping unit, pressure, consumption;
  • Wednesday – homogeneous liquids;
  • Diameter of pipelines from 50 to 1500mm;
  • The operating pressure range depends on the pressure transducers;
  • Analysis and compilation of data from all registrars;


The main idea of ​​an audit of pumping systems is to substantiate the economic feasibility of replacing old, energy-intensive pumping equipment with new, more efficient equipment, which can significantly reduce costs without reducing efficiency.

It is important to note that the replacement of any of the components after carefully selected equipment by the company’s specialists leads to an increase in the return on investment.

Having its own certified service center, ENERGOTECH ENGINEERING LLC promptly resolves issues arising both during the warranty and post-warranty periods of equipment operation, and also carries out qualified commissioning of the entire range of modern pumping equipment.

Regular, qualified maintenance will help you maximize your investment in pumping equipment, as well as ensure long service life, energy savings, reliability and operational safety. Carrying out regular maintenance of pumping equipment will insure you against various unforeseen situations that arise during the operation of the equipment.

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