Repair of pumping equipment grundfos

As a service partner of GRUNDFOS, our priority is to ensure and guarantee a long and trouble-free operation of pumping equipment, which is the best on the market in terms of reliability and energy efficiency. Our experienced technicians can help you select the ideal pump for your specific application. We ensure that everything is installed and commissioned properly, and we offer maintenance, troubleshooting and energy efficiency optimization services.

Our professional service engineers can solve your problems quickly and reliably. ENERGOTECH ENGINEERING LLC offers service solutions that cover the entire life cycle of your GRUNDFOS pumps. We carry out repairs of all models and offer replacement of obsolete ones.

Our advantages:

On-site repair – no need to dismantle and transport equipment
Prompt repair, as there is a large stock of repair kits and spare parts
All repairs are carried out in accordance with GRUNDFOS specifications using original spare parts.
Hardware warranty continues for 12 months
Professional equipment for diagnostics, repair and testing

Work carried out:

Replacement and repair of the hydraulic part of the pump, mechanical seals, cups, bushings.
Replacement and repair of electric motors.
Diagnostics and adjustment of control panels, frequency converters.
Alignment (alignment) of the shafts of cantilever pumps.
Commissioning (commissioning).
Preventive maintenance under the contract. This program minimizes downtime and ensures long system life.

Operating procedure:

Initially, a complete diagnostics of the equipment is carried out. This will allow identifying all pump malfunctions and assessing its current condition.
After its completion, an Act is provided with a description of the current state of the unit, recommended maintenance work and replacement of spare parts.
After agreeing on the scope of work, a contract is concluded. In case of refusal to repair, only the cost of diagnostics is paid.
For prompt repair and maintenance of pumps and pumping stations, the most frequently used repair kits are always in stock. If there are spare parts in the warehouse of the Service Center, repairs are carried out immediately.
The delivery time for spare parts from the central warehouse of GRUNDFOS is on average 2-3 working days. Rarer parts are delivered from Europe on order from 3 to 6 weeks.
With extensive experience, our trained technicians repair all brands and models of GRUNDFOS pumps, and are ready for routine maintenance and emergency repair programs 24/7.
Our goal is to save you money and provide a high-quality end result – long-term trouble-free operation of your pumps. We hope that you will contact ENERGOTECH ENGINEERING LLC if you have any questions about your equipment.

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